“Falling for Yesterday” is:

DanielJohnSchafer, Voice, Throat, Pencil & Paper

Matt Naff .... Rhythm, Intensity, Voice drummer, keys..

Jim McLemore...Low End, Enthusiasm, Throat

Nic Brooks....Melody, Emotion, Voice
Press review from
"Shake" magazine...
Nashville, TN

Music Row’s Darlings?

It’s common knowledge, for the last 20 years, the head A & R guys on Music Row have been chompin’ at the bit to see who’d be the first to sign a ‘real’ Rock act out of Nashville. Granted, we’ve had many great rock acts like Metallica, Bob Seger & others record here & we’ve had the finest “southern’ rock bands like Skynrd, Hatchet, Charlie Daniels and the Allman Brothers work out of Nashville, but a ‘real Rock” act in the veins of Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin, we’ve NEVER harnessed. Falling for Yesterday could be that answer!
It looks like the Country Music capital of the world's rock scene is growing.....
Recently had the pleasure of attending a ‘battle of the bands’ at Jillians in Opry Mills and caught Falling for Yesterday in action. I sat thru four bands. The response was polite, but when FFY came on, by the first chorus, swarms of kids were crowding the whole stage area. I was intrigued by the charisma of the lead singer & the energy of the other three guys. The audience loved the band, despite some roughness, a lousy mix and technical problems, there was a definite ‘cool’ vibe that was going on. I knew this was something special.
I got to talk to a few people about them. The girls were almost frenzied about the act. Some like the stage show, others liked some of the lyrics to the tunes. The guys dug the ‘emo-core’ music with the very energetic stage show mixed with the ‘cool look’ of the band. The band had it’s own video, street, road crew and photographer there. I was impressed!
I got to talk with FFY some and found out they are going into the studio soon to cut some ‘high gloss’ demos to shop. They will be working with engineer Wade Kilgore, who has worked with an artists resume, too lengthy to list. They boasted of the guitar tunings they used to get the big sounds from usually 3 guys playing.
Since talking with Falling for Yesterday I’ve found they have played all over town. The Boro, Exit Inn, The Muse, Rocketown, the Runway, Wolfys, the End, Café Express They acknowledge having influences ranging from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Goo Goo Dolls and Dream Theater to current emo-rock acts, Story of the Year and the Used. These guys are young & this makes them prime for the entertainment market.
Music Row, Look Out!

Joseph Raymond-freelance writer-Nashville

"w/Producer Rob Graves..

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