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Here is a photo of me and the late Dave Hunt. It was taken at a church where he was speaking in Evansville, Indiana in 1995. It was a long drive from Nashville, but well worth it. Dave is probably one of my favorite authors. He has written such wonderful books as 'The Seduction of Christianity'(w/T.A. McMahon)
'Beyond Seduction'' 'Whatever happened to Heaven?' & ''The Godmakers' (w/Ed Decker)
Also, I had the priveledge of meeting and working with Hank Hanagraff a while back. He made an impact on me and is truly a Man who loves the Lord. Hank's books and ministry Rocks! ..........................
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Grace To You---John MacArthur: Most folks know of John MacArthur, Rock solid! He's probably my favorite..?? If you don't know about him, check him out, you'll be Blessed!

Spiritual Counterfeits Projects..Ministry: Tal Brooke and others deal with lots of 'New Age' and "High Tech' activities. A very intelligent, Scripturally sound bunch!

"Bible Answer Man" C.R.I. home site: Hank Hanagraff took over Dr. Walter Martins' ministry when he went on to be w/the Lord. He deals w/cults and abberations within the Body of Christ. You musy read & hear- "Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century quot; .

P.A.M. "Psychoheresy Awareness Ministry": The name says it all! Martin & Deidre Bobgan deal with all the psycological seduction (& her teachers) which has crept into the Church.

The Hal Lindsey Report: Hal Lindsey has been called the "Author of the Decade" in the 70's, the "Modern Day Jeremiah" and has sold more than 25 million Christian books. WOW!

"Lamb & Lion" ministries!: Dr. David Reagans' Jesus is Coming Soon! page. Lots of Second Coming of Christ info & answers.

Zola Levitt Ministries: Wonderful Messianic Jewish teachers proclaiming the reliabilty of Scripture and accuracy of literal interpetation.

John Ankerberg Ministries: Serious Christian 'talk show' type television ministry. Great guests like Dave Hunt, Hal Lindsey, Tal Brooke, Martin Bobgan, etc. discussing doctrines and other religious practices. Very intellectual!

The Berean Call Home Page: the late Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon havet a informativeweb site. Get the newsletter it will inform and Bless You.

Watchman Fellowship, Inc.: Christian ministry dealing with new religions, cults and anything that steers away from the basics of true Christianity. Great resources and info. available on line. Pray for them, too!

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