"The Grand Band"

I got a call, out of the blue, from Pete Woodman. He had been the drummer for the Bossmen, who boasted members Mark Farner (Grand Funk Raiload) & Dick Wagner (The Frost & Alice Cooper). They were legends in the Michigan rock scene. He & his wife Susie Kane (who sang & played Keyboards) had had a group with the then unknown 'Meatloaf' and a bass player who's name I have forgotten. They were called the Floating Circus. Meatloaf and the bass player had left the band and they were recruiting new 'young' folk to do the club scene in Detroit. I was still living in Mt. Pleasand, MI and was then playing in the Wild West Show  when Pete called and asked me if I wanted to audition for their new band. If I got the job that would mean moving to Detroit. The drinking age had been lowered to 18 and there was a lot of club work there. They drove all the way from Detroit to my dad's music store in Mt. Pleasant to audition me, I auditioned and got the gig. I moved in with Pete & Susie. The bass player was Virginia 'Ginny' Seaman. I knew about her from her band 'Pitch Blend'. They were from Saginaw, Michigan. She lived in the Grand Band 'house', too! We worked around the Detroit area for a while. They turned me on to the band 'Boones Farm'(who I later joined when they became 'Moonstone'). Ginny left the band after a short time and was replaced with Larry Poppolizio. Larry & I became roomates eventually and Larry later joined 'Fridgid Pink' and was featured on their 'All Pink Inside' album for Fantasy Records...... I still communicate with Pete, Larry & Susie occasionally, but have lost touch with Ginny...... My next stop was 'Moonstone'

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