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"Dan is the first guy I ever heard use a string bender and he got me real excited about it. A video like this would have made it a lot easier on me " . . . Jimmy Olander...bender guitarist for "Diamond Rio"

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"Bender Style Guitar" DVD

String bender devices for the electric guitar are featured on many of today's most popular recordings and now, for the first time, Nashville guitarist Dan Schafer reveals the secrets of the "bender style". Beginning with a history and demonstration of currently available devices, Dan introduces great licks for the "B" string bender including pedal steel licks, movinc, harmonics, combination bends, and much more! Dan also includes a list of string bender manufacturers and installers.

Advanced "Bender Style" Guitar DVD

String bending devices are used by many of today's top guitarists to achieve new sounds for the electric guitar. Nashville studio musician, Dan Schafer, breaks down, note by note and bend by bend, the hottest "B" and "G" bender licks, and these licks work with all types of bending devices! Included are advanced "B" bender licks, "G" bender licks and combination licks using both "B" and "G" benders.

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"Bender Style Guitar" & "Advanced Bender Style Guitar " by Dan Schafer

Armed with an impressive array of stringender-equipped guitars, Schafer breaks down classic bender licks fret by fret and move by move. In his first video he explains the history of bender hardware and the role of such innovators as Boomer Castleman and Clarence White, and delivers an inspired demonstration of Parsons/White, Glaser, Hipshot and Bigsby systems. Schafer reveals the differences between strap-activated, hip-operated and palm-pedal devices as he tours a cool collection of B-bender moves. The second tape covers triclder B-bender licks and adds a G-bender to the mix. Combining the B- and G-benders turns a 6-string into a virtual pedal steel.

There's no accompanying booklet, so the licks aren't musically notated or tabbed Instead, Schafer describes each move in exhaustive detail ("Put your first finger on the second string, third fret, and push the bender while holding your third finger on the first string, 5th fret.. . "). This is probably ideal for rank beginners, but more accomplished players looking for bender ideas will be frustrated by the instruction's glacial pace. On the upside, the enthusiastic Schafer delivers accurate interpretations of hooks by Clarence White, Jimmy Olander and other bender greats. If you're considering a jump to bender guitar, these videos will open your eyes to its amazing possibilities.

Both courses endorsed by Gene & Meridian, (Parsons/White) David Borisoff, (Hipshot) Joe Glaser, Jimmy Olander, Boomer Castleman, Bigsby and Epiphone, Inc.

"More B Bender licks & other tricks" instructional Compact disc.
Follow up to Dan Schafer two 'Bender Style' Guitar instructional videos. This CD 'More Bender licks & others tricks' picks up where the videos left off....more B Bender stuff..open string scales...delay effect & scales...two handed fretted licks & scales.. appoximately 45 minutes. $30.00 includes shipping & postage.
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"Practical Theory for the working musician/guitarist" instructional Compact disc.
Due to the overwhelming requests for more instructional materials, I've now made available.......Dan Schafer teaches "Practical theory for the working musician/guitarist" & "Nashville Number System" basics on disc. Personal lessons include: (1.) Introduction & tune up (2.) Major scale & major chord scale (3.) Diminished chords, scales & arppegios (4.) Whole tone scales & #5 chords (5.) Major modes & harmonic minor scale overview (6.) Melodic minor scale scan (7.) Scales commentary (8.) Nashville number system basics (9.) conclusion $20.00 includes shipping & postage.
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